Luceque discovers brilliant, cutting edge products and technologies and connects them to the global marketplace.


Luceque enables inventors and companies to navigate barriers to the market and to elevate the quality of life for people, one innovative product at a time.

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Our Story

Founded in 2015 by Soohyun Julie Koo, Luceque was created to discover brilliant products and technologies and connect them to the global marketplace. Luceque enables inventors and companies to navigate barriers to the market and to elevate the quality of life for people, one innovative product at a time.

Julie’s entrepreneurial spirit, backed by leadership roles in private industry and in public service, provided her with a unique vantage to see people and companies—large and small—trying to compete in a world that can be unfriendly to the novel.

As a business leader in today’s fast-moving world where domination by huge business enterprises can feel inevitable, Julie looked past the obvious and recognized that oftentimes emerging technologies can be overshadowed by the sheer scale of the big competitors. She saw that the new, the impactful, the wonderful products and technology brought to existence by individuals and small companies might never see the light of day unless there was a way to guide them through the complex—often tangled—journey from inception to market to people.

Julie and her team are driven by a purpose to celebrate human creativity and unite the optimistic spirit of the inventor with a marketplace seeking innovative sustainable products and technologies — products that are fun, that can help make people well, that enable greater productivity, and that are designed and made responsibly and sustainably. People deserve an opportunity to buy them.

We believe that while countries may have borders, human creativity does not. “Innovation Beyond Borders” is at the core of what drives our spirit. Together, we can help the world constantly evolve and grow into a better place.

Our Team

Soohyun Julie Koo

Soohyun Julie Koo

Founder & CEO

Matthew Ahn

Matthew Ahn

Vice President, Korea Team

Nicholas Hood

Nicholas Hood

Chief Experience Officer

Samantha Bendt

Samantha Bendt

Director of Research & Development

Martin C. Link

Martin C. Link

Vice President of Marketing & Sales

Rachel Yadav

Rachel Yadav

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Moliduoer Sailike

Moliduoer Sailike

Marketing Specialist

Iris Lee

Iris Lee

Chief Operating Officer

Fatmah Abdulsalam

Fatmah Abdulsalam

Director of Business Development

Luceque Advisory Board


Have Integrity

We align our purpose with our values. Our work is a not merely a reflection of our values but a manifestation of them.

Be Open-minded

We believe in fearless problem solving – different perspectives are not a threat, they are an opportunity to learn and grow as a company and as people.

Have Radical Transparency

We never compromise integrity. We do everything with truthfulness and honesty.

Be an Independent Thinker

Effective collaborative problem solving requires independence of thought. We bring our best to think analytically and critically through every challenge and embrace discomfort over acquiescence.

Be Innovative

We do not simply accept the status quo and believe that better is always better.

Be a Learner

We learn and improve ourselves every day. We strive for intentional personal and professional growth.

Be You!

We are proud of who we are. We are authentic. We are comfortable being us.

Be Passionate

We pour 100% of ourselves into everything we do – every time.

Have Fun! 😊

We enjoy the work that we do and the people that we are doing it with!


  • Be present…be truly present in the moment.
  • Celebrate every victory large and small!
  • Be persistent. Be resilient.
  • Learn from failures—see every setback as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Be resourceful. We don’t say, “I don’t know how to make it happen.”
  • Have accountability & autonomy. Be your own boss.
  • Encourage and foster connection and the combustion of ideas.
  • Strive for excellence. Produce something you can be proud of.