Product Vetting

  • Items manufactured or substantially transformed in a TAA compliant country
  • Comprehensive supplier background screening
  • Product compliance with U.S. standards and regulations
  • Products carry certification and registrations with U.S. authorities
  • Expert reviews on product usability, durability, quality and design

Product Sourcing

  • Capabilities on various selling methods, including drop shipping, wholesale, and custom manufacture
  • Established worldwide network of suppliers for sourcing diverse products
  • Nearsourcing strategy with Luceque’s local team in TAA compliant countries
  • Provide the most affordable and trustworthy suppliers tailored to your needs

Contract Vehicles

  • Able to find high urgency products
  • Available for government contracts award for SWAM
  • Capable of an indefinite quantity of products over an indefinite period of contracts


  • Explicitly work with suppliers that abide by our same level of ethics
  • Conduct all business with honesty, transparency, fairness, integrity to foster fair, ethical and legal business practices
  • Practice community, social and environmental responsibility

Logistics Management

  • Streamline logistics from order management, packaging, and transportation
  • Manage all importation requirements and logistics


Luceque leverages decades of experience helping innovative businesses introduce their products and services to the American market. Think of us as global business connectors, bridging the divide between the Asian and American markets by bringing the right partners to the table.

We can advise you through the procurement process to reduce your risk, simplify the complexities of global sourcing, and open new doors to opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise find.